Suzanne Hendrix Ph.D. - Bio

Suzanne Hendrix

Owner - Coach


Suzanne’s Favorite Quote:
“I don’t know what I’m training for, but I sure hope it never comes”

Trainer Introduction

Suzanne Hendrix, Ph.D. – Owner

I used to hate working out, but I love the results. Crossfit gives me the best results for the least time/effort.
I have more energy, I can keep up with my kids, my skin looks younger, I feel younger, I crave healthier foods.
I am an Alzheimer’s researcher – exercise does more to reduce the risk of AD than brain exercises.
I am good at reading scientific studies and assessing the most helpful lifestyle changes for a healthy body and brain.
I love seeing other people get more out of their lives because their body works better for them.

Year Certifying Body Description
2015 CrossFit CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
1995 Ph.D. Statistics