Kent Hendrix - Bio

Kent Hendrix

Shodai-Soke, Head Sensei


Kent’s Favorite Quote:
“He who can keep his inner-peace in the midst of the tumult has already conquered his greatest enemy.”

Trainer Introduction

Kent Hendrix – Owner

Hi, I am Kent Hendrix. I am a 10th degree black belt in Bushi Kai Kishindo Martial Arts, and have been teaching for 25 years.
I am a firm believer that every person should be trained to the point they feel confident that they could defend themselves and their loved ones. To this end, I teach free Womens Safety classes weekly for free.
I also do special womens safety events for your young women’s groups, Relief Societies, or other women’s groups.
Call if you have questions or to schedule a class for your group. 801-699-4295

Year Certifying Body Description
2014-09-27 Shodai Soke Bushi Kai Kishindo
10th Degree Black Belt
At the hand of Shodai Soke Howard O. Davis, I received my commission to head my own style of Bushi Kai Kishindo
2011-09-10 8th Degree Black Belt
2011-09-10 Soke-Dai – Inyo Ai Kishindo At the hand of Shodai Soke Howard O. Davis, I became an heir to Kishindo. This was fulfilled when he gave me the commission to head my own style of Kishindo
2011-09-10 4th Degree Black Belt
2000-10-20 3rd Degree Black Belt
1999-11-20 2nd Degree Black Belt
1994-08-20 1st Degree Black Belt